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"Star City" Decal

The Star City decal promotes what's the city is all about, looking up in the sky just to see the star lit up at the top of mountain. A Historic Downtown Market place, crossing the over the railroad tracks wonder where the train is going this time.. taking it back to that great smell of the bakery right before you drive thru downtown...or maybe going to lakeside on Saturday..somethings you just can't forget.... Star city is city that thrives for the future with a legendary past, with communities that are built to last forever and always... #STARCITYLIFE

Enjoy this "Star City" Vinyl Decal - SUPER NICE and makes a cool gift as well...

*this decal measures 5.5 x 1.875 inches

*You can put vinyl decals on any smooth surface , from cars, cell phone, laptop, lunch container, glasses, tumblers, to walls and mirrors. Clear transfer tape attached so all you have to do is peel and stick. The clear helps to make sure you get your product straight.


  • Image of "Star City" Decal
  • Image of "Star City" Decal